About us

Har Bar was created by locals, for everyone.

It's a place where time stops for a moment and the outside world can pass on by.

A place with a warmth and vibe that can't be matched.

From the moment you creek the heavy wooden door to the time the bell rings for last drinks you'll be transported into our world.....and we know you'll love it like we do.

Welcome to Har Bar weary traveller, let us make you a drink.....

What makes us tick

Our goal is to provide both Dunsborough locals and our beloved visitors from across the globe with something just a little different. Whether it's singing along with the Dunn Bay Wailers on Shanty nights or dancing late into the evening to one of the regions amazing musicians we want Har Bar to be a place for all ages. Come for the cocktails, stay for the entertainment. Bring the love and take the memories....

What should I wear?

We get asked this a lot....

Basically, keep your footwear on at all times (yes, even while dancing) as glasses do get broken! No matter how good your rig is, keep your shirt on (a little mystery never hurt anyone). Outside of that, you do you!